Chica Gilmer Scholarship - Criteria

Through the Mrs Chica Gilmer Education and Hockey Scholarship, the Hockey Foundation intends to make up to $2,000 available each year for scholarships but reserves the right to make no, one or a number of grants depending on the applications received.

The scholarship is to be used for educational purposes by a talented Under 19 female hockey player(s) or female umpire(s) who is restricted from developing her talent due to financial hardship. The scholarship is funded by a very generous bequest from the Chica Gilmer Estate. 

Applicant Criteria

  • Applicant must be an under 19 (as per HNZ rules for age) female hockey player or female umpire
  • Must be recognised by applicant’s Association/Region as showing talent
  • Must be able to show what educational purposes the scholarship will be used for and send receipts of costs post the grant of the scholarship
  • Must be able to confirm disadvantaged by distance travelled or by financial position.